Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Finals week starts off with a bang!

Or a boom anyway.

We were the recipients of a pretty nice thunderstorm today that sounded like a train was coming through our building. It happened during lunch (thankfully no finals disrupted) and had us teachers a little puzzled at the force of the thunderboomers. Once in a great while, I real nice one rolls through this area. Three years ago, lightening it a lamp post up the street from the school and made it sound like the world was coming apart. It was rather impressive. I love the thunderstorms, but the rain is a little cumbersome at this point, as you can imagine.

Finals week is not the fairly easy time that many students and parents make it out to be for teachers. Today I only taught one two hour final, but the remainder of the day is full of grades, grades, finals, make-up work, student complaints, preparing for Economics next week, oh and grades. I don't really mind the work at all. To me, its the perfect time. I get to work in my own little environment with Imus on in the background, looking at great projects; like a video presentation about James Polk that was informative, entertaining, and detailed. How many people can say that a Senior made Polk "informative, entertaining and detailed"?

More finals are coming this tomorrow, with 2 two hour class that are taking the final exam. Some final grades will be ready tomorrow, along with the problems that failures will bring.
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