Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Don't be shy, join in!

So Darren at "Right on the Left Coast" (check link right)presented an argument that I don't agree with, that those people that can't do algebra should not be teachers in our educational system. As a high school teacher that really can't do algebra (except for basic algebra, once you get to slopes I'm in deep shit), I decided to add in my two-cents worth that I thought that the assertion that math=good teachers is not only bunk, but I think that algebra shouldn't even be required as a graduation requirement. I find it ridicules that we try and teach students algebra, while not putting the mathematical focus on things that students really need such as personal finance. I got a "D" in high school algebra in my sophomore year, and took 3 years to pass Intermediate Algebra in college. I have yet, in any of my students since that last class, to use any of the information learned in those classes. The argument that algebra "creates a critical and logical progression of thinking" is something that can be properly taught in many, many classes, including many sciences, History, Economics, Psychology, Government, hell, Public Speaking could teach this.
So jump in on the conversation at Darren's blog. He's a good guy that really cares about students and the teaching profession.
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