Saturday, January 28, 2006

The bad part about basketball

So our varsity team got beat recently, 99-54. Simply put, the other team hit 8/9 from three in the first half and shot 65% for the game. It was a very impressive offensive display from a team we beat earlier in the year. Notice the score. Now, before I go on this tangent, let me explain that I think that this team's kids played very hard and did everything to deserve the win. It wasn't that we played real bad, it was that our opponent played real good.

It's the coaches that have a major problem.

Let's play a game. Can you name the signs that point towards a classless basketball program? Ohhhhh, let me think..........

1. With a 32 point half-time lead, you leave your starters in for the entire third quarter.

2. With a 45 point lead, you leave three starters in until 3:30 left in the fourth quarter

3. With a 45 point lead, you leave at least one starter on the floor for the whole game.

4. With a 45 point lead, your last player on the bench finally gets in the game......with 90 seconds left.

5. With a 45 point lead, you allow your team to full court press in the attempt to reach the century mark.

A couple of parents and myself were in the stands discussing how the players on that team must have felt with a 40+ point lead, and having no chance to play. Hopefully, the administrators in attendance were happy with the victory, and were taking note of how utterly classless their varsity coaches made their program look. About halfway in the 4th quarter, I yelled over to their head coach, "Hey, really using that bench their aren't ya". He looked at me with that idiotic smirk that showed that he was thoroughly enjoying running up the score. Goddamn I hate bad teachers and coaches.

Props go out to our team for working hard the entire game and giving up an inch in effort. We could have stalled the entire second half to deny the century mark, but the kids worked their butt off instead.

Props go out to our opponents players for putting on spectacular display of basketball. They played nearly every faucet of the game extremely well and deserve the victory.

For the opposing coaches, I little reminder of responsibility. You're supposed to be a teacher. Last night, you failed a lot of kids which your scoreboard message and you embarressed the coaching profession.
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