Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yes, it's called Christmas.

For some reason, this holiday season has been has been riddled with controversy regarding whether or not you can use the term Christmas when discussing the holiday season. Apparently, people with wayyyyyyyyyy too much time on their hands are starting to get offended by any and every symbol that has to do with Christmas. For instance, a person came in during lunch not to long ago to say that it was offensive that a Christmas tree was in the administration building here on campus. The argument then drifted into a debate on Church/State and so on.

Let me make something perfectly clear, this whole idea that Christmas is a religious holiday is bogus. The holiday is a socially accepted part of American culture and very little of it still based on the Christian faith. It would be naive to think that any kind of majority of Americans wake up on Sunday morning and think, "Happy Birthday to the baby Jesus". No, they are thinking about relatives, presents, and the wonder that comes with a Red Ryder B.B. Gun, a George Foreman Grill, or bath salts. America really can't be that bad off if people are busy complaining about the word Christmas.

I'll quote one of my students after this came up in class:

Teacher: Do students really think about Jesus on Christmas morning?

Girl: I do!

Teacher: Do you really? Seriously?

Girl: I swear to God that I do! I think, "Thank Jesus for all these presents!"

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