Monday, December 19, 2005


I really don't mind the fact that our school district is going the full week. I mean, it does suck that my wife is done in Willits on Wednesday, but I'm a trooper, and I'm perfectly willing to work until the 23rd of December. Saying that, I'm up for asking about the decision to make the last freaking day before vacation the longest in months. Someone decided to make the annual "Christmas Concert" on Friday, thus creating an assembly schedule, and thus making me leave the school 15 minutes later than I normally do. 15 minutes not really matter? Not when I have to drive to Soda Springs in the middle of Donner Pass for a good old fashion "family Christmas", minus my family of course (those that are married will get it). I'm already in for snow on the way up. Nice to know that I now have an even better chance of hitting snow AND darkness on the way to the former cannibalism capital of California. I mean, seriously, does this make any sense at all? How about we make Wednesday a regular day and the concert, therefore making Friday a shortened day, allowing people that have to drive 5 hours a little head start!

And to make it even worse, my wife told me that Whooping Cough is making a nice little comeback in Willits.

Ok, pop quiz. Which is worse?

A: Whooping Cough

B: Dealing with student behaviors on an extended day before Christmas break
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