Thursday, December 29, 2005

This is the picture that represents 2005.

From Time Magazine:

It is very hard to actually be "for war", but I agree that the United States needs to be doing what it is doing in Iraq. Those that continue to fiddle with the entry into the war are totally missing the point, since that time is years gone by. Still, this picture brings the most emotion out of me than any other sight before my eyes this year. The image is war being brought to the public, and yet the public sits cozy, still not understanding the situation or the stakes involved in this fight in the Middle East. It is a sad picture, make no mistake about it. Someone's child is in that coffin.
But in the end, I look at the picture and the faces in the windows of the plane and I think, "Wow, they still don't get it".
No, I don't mean Bush and Cheney.
I mean the American people.
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