Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

I think that we are all ready for a vacation. God knows that I am. You would think that the kids would have some cheer during this time of year, but instead the whining is in full effect mode. By the end of the day, teachers comment that their Senior classes sound like they are full of 3rd graders complaining about every little thing under the sun. Everything is "lame" or "stupid", many complain that school is not something that is needed, and some go as far as to make the classroom environment quite uncomfortable.
However, as a teacher, you can start to gauge the trouble that will start in the second semester and take steps to remedy it. I've already put my finger on the group of students that are really going to be a joy when Spring time rolls around (you know, Senioritis). So I become tougher at this time of year in terms of my standards and expectations of the rules. No warnings right now, only action, which is followed by excessive "waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". However, these actions show the ones that "get it" that just because it is a few days until Christmas does not mean the instructor allows chaos. It will be work, until the end, like it is supposed to be. I know, the whining can get totally annoying at times, but the most I usually do is try to make them realize that they sound like a bunch of elementary students, and that their bosses in the future will laugh at their excuses. I doesn't always work of course. I have a couple of spoiled brats who get their mommies and daddies to do everything for them, and they worm a note here and there to get excused from class. I try to not react about it any more, since it should be treated like a business. So I say, "You're right, you're excused."..................then I whip out the big quiz. That solves the problem nice and quick like. Yes, I do have to meet angry parents that want to know why their son/daughter is failing, but an attendance sheet is a very powerful weapon, and parents usually cooperate after glancing at the 15 absences.

Other than school, and basketball (we are 3-3, I'll talk about that later), not a whole lot is going on. I have a list of posts I'll work on during the break, and I might log in and post later on. But if I don't, Merry Christmas to all those fighting the good fight.
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