Monday, December 26, 2005

I must have needed a vacation

So I became a really nasty, cynical prick before Christmas break. What can I say except that I need a vacation without hassles. No tension, no drama, no whining. Fortunately, this is exactly what happened.

Friday was a good day, except for the usual group that complains about everything under the sun ("Can't the clock go any faster?). I enjoyed the nice Christmas banter, while my Intro took a test (average 81%!!!!!! I knew the constant quizzes would help!!!), and my college prep kids watched and analyzed a video on President Bush's actions and reactions during 9/11. The intense discussion afterward showed that the students were right on top of the decisions that Bush made, and they think that he acted within good reason for the leader of the United States.

School ended late, but my 5th period class was so great that it went like a breeze. I waited for my wife to pick me up and off to Tahoe we went. Why Tahoe you ask? Well, my wife's aunt has a very nice cabin (chalet?) in the Soda Springs and we were invited to stay for Christmas. The trip (a little under 4 hours) was nice. We put some Christmas tunes and dropped out of the "on" mode of school, creating a more festive atmosphere for the drive. You know the classics: Mel Torme, Frankie, Shawn Colvin, Charlie Brown Christmas, Eagles. My wife loves the "Noel" song by Celine Dion, so I listened to it a couple of times. I'm more partial to "Family" by Montgomery Gentry, "Christmas at Ground Zero" by Weird Al, and "Christmas in Hollis, Queens" by Run-DMC. However, that was overruled due to the lack of substantial Christmas cheer.

Christmas Eve was spent doing what we should be doing during that time. Enjoying music, reading good books, playing games with the family, and general enjoying each other. My wife and I took a nice walk around a half frozen lake (it was 50 degrees up there, warm) and kept the mood mellow and enjoyable. The night ended with Scatagories, a game that is guaranteed to piss off everyone at one time or another. In this instance, good natured laughter occurred instead. Christmas morning consisted of opening gifts, and then leaving just as the snow began to fall. From Soda Springs, it was off to Chico to visit more family and have Christmas dinner. Finally, we came home and opened our gifts late into Christmas night.

All in all, the weekend was just what I needed to recoup the batteries. Some of the nasty cynic has drifted away and I'm resting a little longer until school begins in the new year. Actually, school sorta begins tomorrow with basketball practice.

Thank God for vacations!
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