Sunday, November 06, 2005

What to do.......

Interesting scenario.....

A group of students decide to create a video for a propaganda project. They are promoting a candidate for President, against the instructor. The project is to apply 4 different techniques of propaganda, create a clear vision for their candidate, and employ creativity. The video, of course, is primarily mud-slinging against the instructor, but in a very satirical manner. The students are basically pulling off a Saturday Night Live style commentary on why you shouldn't vote for the teacher.

The problem is the content of the video. Some of the creativity is really "pushing the envelope" in terms of creative liberty. None of it was illegal, however the entire piece is beyond politically incorrect, and morally questionable. There is no profanity. A few students in my class found the video to be a bit offensive. I found one part to be offensive, although not enough to be more than annoyed. I honestly believe that the students were simply trying to make a funny and creative presentation, and used bad judgment therefore stepping over the line in terms of material. I don't think they were being really malicious at all, regardless of the objectionable content.

My quandary is that I don't want to make a huge deal about it, but I think that it needs to be addressed that they went too far.

My current solution is this. They will get full credit for completing the assignment and meeting all the criteria. They will get no extra credit (which occurs when students go "above and beyond" in work, like video presentations), and I will write a few comments about the material that I find objectionable.

Your thoughts?
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