Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ukiah 64, El Molino 39

This game was fun to watch.

Again I was missed my two important post players, and again the team decided that they would win anyway. This game began much like the last, the full court man press letting us jump out to an 8 point lead. After a little back and forth, the bench came in and helped us to an 11 point half time lead. We really should have been up more, but our free throw shoot was horrid (again, missing two technical shots)and we gave up 15 fouls.

The second half was totally different. The starting group was struggling defensively, not pressuring the ball, forcing bad passes, look for officials for help. After about 4 minutes, I put in the bench, and all hell broke loose. We immediately went on a major run that had us up 21 and flying up and down the court. One really pleasant story was a post man that hadn't seen the floor very much coming in and scoring 5 points and grabbing 4 boards in his minutes. It was neat to see. Then others got into the act, as the point guards started running the offense to the point of a simple lay-up. In the end, we went back to the Hurricane to not run up the score, and almost everyone on the team scored. A very successful outing.

People that made many mistakes on Wednesday changed them tonight, making them right. For only the second game in, this is a very good sign. Next game isn't for a week, and we play El Molino again.
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