Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ukiah 43, Windsor 36

This game was on Wednesday night, and I figured a recap was in order.

First of all, my team is complete. I have 13 guys, all very nice, some rather athletic, but only one or two that have the "court sense". Although we have size, it has yet to truly be tested, but we are very, very quick.

The game at Windsor was going to be without two of my better players, both post men. I figured that this might present a problem because our back-ups played limited roles in 8th grade, and were a tad slower than most posts. I decided to play three quick guards, a small forward as a post, and the quick of the couple of post men. We started in full court man and quickly jumped out to a 15-3 lead. I was pleasantly surprised at the way we ran the court. For the first game, they looked pretty good. In the second quarter we had a chance for a blow out, but blew it. They had two technicals called on them, and we missed all four free throws. Include the 6 missed lay-ups and I started to pull my hair out. But the bench kept us comfortable, and we went in at half with a 7 point lead.

The 3rd quarter was a disaster. Suddenly we would reach on defense, wouldn't move on offense, and Windsor made the game close. In the opening moments of the fourth quarter, they tied the game. One of the reasons of the turnaround was because Windsor decided to have their post man dribble up the court, and often to the hoop, against my slower and smaller post players. I wanted them to pull through it, but the footspeed was not there as it had been in the first half. Wanting to preserve the win, I went to my Hurricane match-up zone (something I learned from my old high school) and they immediately began to jack up terrible shots. We went on a small run at the end of the game, including a couple of nice offensive series, and when by 7.

Not bad for a first game. It would show that we could be a great team, or a disaster, depending on our effort.
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