Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rainy Season has started

And my gutters have leaves in them. Dammit, this means a trip up on the roof, something I have not had to deal with as a renter. This means that my first task of this weekend will be gutter cleaning. Yuck.

It has been a very good week. Students in Intro have been involved in a very detailed political values discussion, and most have been totally immersed in the conversation. College Prep has been looking at propaganda and the different techniques involved in creating good propaganda. They looked in awe at the 1964 Lydon Johnson daisy nuke commercial. It wasn't too hard to get the message, "Vote for Johnson or die in a nuclear fire."

The excellent news is that the International Relations class was passed by School Site Council. This means that it is a 95% positive for next year. I would really like any material or suggestions if you have some.

I'm just been very tired and cautious about blogging lately. I get back into the flow once things settle down.
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