Sunday, November 27, 2005

One of the nice things about this week.

I guess the rule is that once you get married, all semblance of a mellow "break" is gone. Thanksgiving was half her family, and then a few days with mine. The first plans for Christmas began to emerge, which involves an ungodly amount of driving and not enough staying home. Anyone else going through this? Hell, I might want kids so I can have an excuse to stay home. Wait, scratch that. Then they all would show up here. Bad idea.

I was approached by a variety of different students during the break, all of which were smiles, and four of which said that they really enjoyed my class, which was mentioned without me asking about it. That was a huge pick me up. One was at the game in Windsor on Wednesday, one was at Safeway on Saturday, and two were at a local eating establishment on Saturday night. Sometimes it is simply that alone which will keep me going for awhile.
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