Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mellow Week.......except for the hoops

One of the odd things about this week is the fact that my classes have gone very smooth and mellow, while basketball has become a situation that is full of drama.

College Prep Government is in the midst of researching bills for passage in a mock House of Representatives. Both classes are doing a great job with the rules (they must address each other formally, and me as "Mr. President") and the ideas for bills. I'll post the bill subjects later this week.

Intro is doing propaganda. They are creating brochures using 4 different forms of propaganda to promote a candidate (anything from Spongebob to Super Mario to George Bush). They are very creative and are getting the gist of the project, but are still having trouble identifying the different forms of propaganda. Of course, not studying has something to do with that.

Basketball is another story. I know have 15 players, with final cuts coming today. Recently, I've had a group of kids that have missed most of tryouts show up because our numbers are low. Interesting concept. Miss most of tryouts and show up with the idea that a full roster is better than a hard working one. That isn't how I work. I have a couple of players that have been here the entire two weeks, runnin and gunnin with everyone. I think I'll probably keep them, simply because the chemistry on the team might be better.

The Carnival of Education is up and as classic as ever. Hit it up.
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