Sunday, November 13, 2005

It was quite beautiful

People don't seem to realize that California has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. My morning trip to Ashland from Burney was simply so enjoyable that the 2 1/2 drive there, and then back, was really quick.

This is Mt. Shasta from Hwy. 89, coming from Burney towards the mountain. Now, it is from some motorcycle website ( and it is the summer in this pick. Instead, picture a lite covering of snow along the road and Mt. Shasta totally covered. This was my view for most of my journey.
Ashland, Oregon is a very quaint little town that is famous for the Shakespeare Festival that runs for much of the spring and summer. During the off-season, the Southern Oregon State becomes the focus, and the town becomes a very mellow mix of cutesy college town, and content retirement community. This is the home of my grandmother, who at 85 still has more energy than people half her age. She works at the Festival Tutor Guild, holds a drawing class, works for a local Foundation, and helps manage her church library. She's quite a woman. The visit was excellent, as it always is. My grandmother is a former high school teacher from Hayward, California, and understands all the fun trials and tribulations that I'm going through. In fact, I probably owe her for getting me interesting into teaching. While my parents divorced, I spent a whole lot of time with her. However, we rarely stayed home. We visited museums, the Exploratorium, the Lawrence Hall of Science, Washington D.C., Sacramento......all kinds of enriching experiences. It kept me interested. And again, the ride home was totally gorgeous.
So I'm back home here in Ukiah, after the 4 hour trip back from Burney. I've been trying to relax a little since my weekend has been on the road so much. Mock Congress is in the works for my college prep kids, and propaganda with my Intro kids.
Enjoy the week!
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