Monday, November 28, 2005

It is raining.

And it is raining hard and for the whole day. It isn't a nice rain either. It's a rain that is constant and very cold. I was half expecting to see snow today, what with how damn cold it was.

Mock Congress continued in College Prep today. We did a little discussion about gerrymandering, and then I had both parties choose a nominee for Speaker of the House. After a small speech in Zero period, neither candidate got the majority vote enough to be called Speaker. The frustrated Zero period has found out the hardships of partisanship very quickly. Fifth period votes on a Speaker tomorrow.
After some discussion about Black Friday (the busiest shopping day of the year), Intro classes did a quickwrite about the issue of having cameras on the streets of a city to provide protection. Credit CBS 5 out of San Francisco for running a story about the small town of Ripon in California (south of Stockton) and the new wireless, live camera network that police are using. The position paper was a good, interesting thing to come out of the break with.
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