Thursday, November 10, 2005

It has been a crusher of a week

First of all, I loved the rain in the beginning of the week. It was a pleasant and totally enjoyable experience. However, the week ended up going really, really slow. That is not good when you have a 4 day week. These last two days have taken forever to get done. So what's been happening lately?

-The talk in both classes has centered around the Props, and general information about elections. The students were very into the elections and had a chance to vote on a sample ballot. The results were different from the election. Half the students voted for Prop 73, most all voted for Prop 75, and almost all voted for Prop 74. The rest went down fairly badly, while Measure U (the Measure to help modernize the high school) passed in 4 out of 5 classes with the required 2/3's vote. Bad news for Arnold, most young Republicans do not like him. Everyone hates the idea of changing the Constitution for him to run for President. Not going to happen.

-Basketball has been interesting. I now have 9 total tryouts for the team with football coming in tomorrow morning for their first workout. At first glance, I'm not as talented as last year, but I might have a group that will be faster up and down the floor. This could create a lot of problems for a couple of teams that we play that have trouble in transition. At the same time, we might not be running a whole lot of half court.

-My International Relations class goes before the District Curriculum Board on Monday. Wish me luck.

-If you look back in earlier posts, you will see posts made regarding Ukiah Daily Journal Editor K.C. Meadows. You remember her. She's the idiot that doesn't like funding schools, but would rather fund community based pot gardens. Unsuccessful as she was in derailing the effort to support the schools, she let it be known one last time in the paper that the school should not get the money to modernize, and that it should stay in the 1970's condition that it was built. I notice that this blog is hit alot in the K.C. Meadows Google search. Here is a little memo to that moron from the Daily Journal:
1. Shut your hole until you have a damn clue about what you are dealing with.
2. Research is good. If you had actually stepped on the campus once since you tried to worm your way into my classroom and suck up to honornable Congressman Thompson, you would realize that the school is in violation of various State and Federal guidelines including; The American's With Disabilities Act, Title IX (that's the number 9, Ms. Meadows), and the various air quality standards because of the antiquated ventilation system. Interesting that you are against students, the handicapped, and gender equality.
3. Building a new school would cost 3 times the price, take longer to create, take up more land, and establish another building on land when the building doesn't need to exist. Hmmmmmmm, Ms. Meadows anti-environment? Not very Mendocino County now, is it?
4. Over the last two years, I have seen nothing good come from that your columns regarding the schools. You are an ignorant soul that is looking for frivolous headlines by exploiting teachers, administrators and students. I intend to have more of the Congressman in my classroom, and I'll hopefully bring more prominent figures to this school to keep the students interested in Government. I'll gladly allow some of the excellent reporters from the Ukiah Daily Journal into my classroom. You, however, are banned. Stay the hell out. Your last visit had you trying to make yourself the highlight by pushing for a new school (thankfully ignored by Mr. Thompson) and then using the paper to push that the Congressman spoke economic "doom and gloom" to the students. You made it sound cheap, although I now realize that I should expect nothing less from you.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, rant over. Sorry for it, I just feel protective of such a nice learning environment. Everyone works so hard there, to have some spoiled brat bashing the school is sick. No one points out that this idiot is just anti-school for the hell of it. Grow up.

Mock Congress next week.

I'm off to Ashland, Oregon in the morning, after tryouts at 8 a.m. I might just blog from there, or Burney, California, the home of my father.
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