Friday, November 25, 2005

By the time I get to Arizona, Part 2

It really isn't that warm in Arizona on a November morning. In fact, it feels a whole lot like California at 8 a.m. Of course, Saddlebrook is at 3000 feet, and this helps bring a chilly nip to the morning air. This was my thought on Sunday morning when I awoke to the hazy Catalina Mountains right outside my doorstep.

I could go day-by-day about my events in Arizona, but I can sum it up very quickly with fewer words:

Sunday: Watch football, 9 holes of golf, steak dinner, play Bunko with wife's family. Bunko is this game that every woman on the planet seems to love. My wife taught everyone how to play it and the whole family is now enthralled by it. I won Bunko on that night, but I don't really like it very much.

Monday: 18 holes of golf, read book, salmon dinner, play poker. I lost $5.

Tuesday: 18 holes of golf, go to the wedding of my wife's aunt (the whole reason why we were there), very good Chinese food, Scatagories.

Wednesday: Home.

Golf in the desert was not a fun experience for me. The course was very nice, the fairways firm, the rough tough, and the greens slick, if not a little untrue. The area was full of animals. Dozens of different birds flock around the course, led by hordes of quails and the occasional roadrunner, who were really tame and enjoyed watching you tee off. Mix in the groundhogs and cottontail rabbits, and you had a pleasant desert setting. The problem is that once the ball is "out of bounds", you might as well forget it. There are a million little planets in the desert that have thorns (besides cacti) and they all surround the golf course. Searching for the ball in shorts is like walking in a razor blade forest. Of course, you might say that hitting the ball out of bounds is a bad idea. That is correct if I could somehow manage to not hit a slice on every fucking driver shot that I took. It was getting so damn frustrating that I was trying to use my 4 Iron off the tee for the drives. This created a weekend of 115 for my score, about 10 strokes worse than usual. Arg!!!!!!!

Other than eating, playing games, and celebrating a very cool nuptial (it is one of those marriages that is good), not a whole lot happened.

My vacation ended at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday. Yuck. We had to drive an hour to the airport for our 6 a.m. flight to Los Angeles, and then nail our connecting flight to San Francisco. With only 3 hours of sleep under our belts, my wife and I trudged to the airport and caught our little jet to Los Angeles. It would have been nice to sleep on the plane, except for the fact that it was very rough. Think about a combination of 4-wheeling and a roller coaster, and that was our flight. Then we caught a 757 from L.A. to S.F., a much smoother and more enjoyable flight. Then it was a quick drive home for the end of my Arizona trip.

Impressions of the trip:
-Fix my driver slice.
-Fly United more. The staff was excellent.
-Go direct. No more connections.
-Arizona was not that hot, but it was dry as hell. Not good on skin that likes moisture.
-Would I mind living there? I really isn't a bad area, but I like the coastal atmosphere. I love rain, and Tucson gets only about 11 inches a year (Ukiah gets about 33).
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