Monday, October 17, 2005

Welcome! Thanks for the perfect teaching moment!

I'd like to welcome all those interested parties that are now interested in my blog.
I won't get into specifics, except to say that my blog is now an issue. Want to know the kicker? It isn't an issue with any students or staff at the school. Seems like someone doesn't like the politics or language of my experiences as a teacher in the American public school system. Upon reflection of my past blog entries, I've decided that I'm not about to stop blogging about those experiences either. I've gained an enormous amount of knowledge into classroom management, curriculum, technology, and educational politics while writing on this thing, and I'm not about to give it up because some people have way to much time on their hands. About three weeks ago, someone was having a Googlefest on my name, and probably came across my blog. Then I found out that they continued to visit it in the recent weeks. Little did I know it wasn't the little freshmen that I thought it was.

Here's the perfect time for a teacher moment. First of all, when you teach American Government, you are bound to make some student angry eventually because they are so partisan that they can't see straight. I pride myself on being as neutral as possible, even in my blog. As you can see, I make it a regular practice to nail any and every political party to the wall. However, someone that thinks that Rush Limbaugh or Amy Goodman spread the Gospel will not like the idea that the world was once a lot more non-partisan. Stay as neutral as possible, unless the issue is murder. For instance, you should stay neutral on the death penalty, but you should always condemn Hitler's genocide. There is a difference. If you can't see one, you shouldn't be teaching.
Second teacher moment is to control problems before they get out of hand. Personally, I see this as a nothing incident. However, I am blessed enough to have an excellent group of colleagues who gave me a heads up that someone had it out for my blog. From there I called the appropriate people and let them know that it was a problem with someone. I've made it a practice to call people ahead of time to give them a heads up regarding problems, mostly guidance staff and administrators. First, it prepares them for the problem. In most cases, a small problem can be kept small if those in the know understand what is going on. In my experience, guidance and admin are very appreciative of that. Second, as a teacher, you have less worry about something petty, and more concern over teaching. Nothing is worse than wasting energy on garbage instead of putting the focus on the classroom. As I said in earlier posts, the focus should be on the classroom above everything else.

So anyway, it will be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow. I've looked back at every post in my blog, just to be sure, and if anything, I'm proud that I've decided to give a voice to young teachers. My passionate teaching has become better thanks to this blog, and my passionate opinions have this avenue in which I am within every legal and moral right to express them.
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