Friday, October 07, 2005

Tracy Chapman Groupies for the weekend

After the summer of constant work; the summer school, Algebra Academy, 30 units of college work, the death in the family, the family fight afterwards, the start of school, my wife's new job, it was time to take a break. This week shall be it.
Both my wife and I were Tracy Chapman fans before we met each other, and became even more appreciative of her work as time moved on. In June 2003, we went to her concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco and had the greatest concert experience of our lives. Besides the fact that the Fillmore is a great place to watch a concert, Chapman did a terrific 2 hour set of excellent music, all live. I can truly say that she is even better live than on cd. How many people can say that about an artist of today? I lucked out again when I found a guy selling black market cd's of Tracy Chapman concerts, and happened to have one of the very concert that we attended.
Well, Tracy is touring again, and we get to be groupies for the weekend. Tomorrow we leave for Santa Cruz to watch Tracy Chapman on Saturday night. The next night we will travel to San Francisco and watch her again. Yes, we like her that much. I'll report back on all the fun and games.

This week ended on a sour note, a health plan vote. Basically, the vote was either to cut benefits in half and pay $250 a month, or keep our current (and still shitty) benefits and pay $406 a month. With our aged population, and something like 9 catastrophic illnesses last year, we are paying up the ass for our health care. It is not a happy subject in the district, especially at the high school. It really isn't a happy subject with married couples that both work in the district. They have to pay both sets of fees!
Next week is homecoming, a totally chaotic and raucous event. Since I teach Seniors, I get the honor of being ra-ra for all the things that the Seniors do. Honestly, it is a total distraction for the week. But the town totally supports it (it is the second biggest parade of the year), and the school really gets into it. I modify my planning to accommodate the Homecoming madness. You might say that that's "selling out", I say that it is smart planning for success. Instead of giving homework, which is totally ignored because of the dozens of activities for the week, I give a quiz during the week, give lectures all the way through, and a test on Friday. This keeps them focused in my class, and the test cuts through the Homecoming mess because a test in my class is a big deal. No fuss, no muss. Now I need to figure out how to deal with the damn rally schedules during the week......
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