Saturday, October 01, 2005

My Wife

Marriage is difficult.
Those people that get married and simply think that marriage will always work itself out are totally naive, and my wife and I were not one of those people. Saying that, marriage is also very rewarding. If you are lucky enough to find the right companion, you get to experience a side of life that is totally fulfilling.
We moved to Ukiah because I was offered a job there (another story for another day). My wife, who also holds a Social Science degree and can speak Spanish, did not have a job when we moved out here. Her first job was at a bilingual pre-school, which she actually enjoyed, but didn't pay enough. Then came the notice in the paper. Willits High School was looking for a Special Education teacher and it was the same pay as a General Education teacher. It was the beginning of a lot of rough times.
The Special Education job was for teaching students who have severe emotional......needs.....that can't be address in a typical classroom setting. She had students for the entire day. To say that it was a challenge would be a massive understatement. For the first two years, many days had my wife coming home in tears over not only the challenges from her students, but also witnessing the lives that some of the students were living. At the beginning of the third year, she started making major progress. Some students passed the High School Exit Exam, while others were starting to get part time jobs in the community. She really did a great job, but it was not what she wanted.
Finally, a few weeks into this year, my wife found out that a Social Science teacher at the school was resigning to pursue other things. She jumped at the chance, nailed the job, and now teaches World History and Economics. Week one was just completed, and the attitude, the frame of mind is completely different. She feels invigorated, prepared, and just plain better. Although she had grown an attachment to the students in her program, burnout was a real possibility. Now, she finally made it to the job she wanted all along.
Congrats to my wife. She had to do it the hard way, but she's there.
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