Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday! How about a mish-mash of news!

-The International Relations class is getting resistance from certain elements of the school that are concerned that I'll draw students away from their class. Here's what I need; I need every single piece of information possible about high school International Relations classes. Textbooks, resources, A-G compliance sheets, and anything that I can use to fend off the argument that I might take away from other classes. Let's make this class a reality!

-I had a half dozen ex-students come to my classroom this week. All were from last years great group of kids. I have to admit, I really do miss them. For the first time, there are students that I expect to see in the hallways......that aren't there. But the visits were very nice. One students remembered that I was a Star Wars fan and brought me a Mr. Potato Head "Darth Tater". It was great! It now sits on my stereo speaker for all to see!

-Guess who I saw in the main office today. I'll give you a hint. I turned the corner, and there was "the person". No words were exchanged, but as I passed "the person" smiled, snickered, and then giggled as I walked by. Yes, giggled. It was beautiful! The slight apprehension I had about this incident was gone after that moment. What a waste of energy.

-Vote Yes on Measure U!!!! Thank God that some reports of the Ukiah Daily Journal have some respect for reporting "the news" and supporting kids education. The town has a huge opportunity to create a top notch educational institution it can be proud of. Read the Measure in the Ukiah Daily Journal. Seriously, if you vote NO, you are voting in the same camp as UDJ Editor K.C. Meadows, who has continuously shown that she has a massive grudge against public education, and would rather put city money into growing "communal marijuana gardens".

-This weekend will be about raking leaves, grading papers that are behind (turned in late gets graded late), and relaxing a little. This is the first weekend in a long time that we get to be home, finally. We'll enjoy it for the time being, because the holidays are approaching. You know what that means. On the road again.
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