Monday, October 24, 2005

I like blogging, but I live to teach.

First off, I'll start out by apologizing to anyone who thought that I was speaking about them when I discussed classroom management issues. Contrary to what you might think, we teachers are actually trying to get better, and that means explaining certain situations in a classroom setting and acquiring opinions on new techniques. No names (all fake) or information were used with malicious intent, and any assumptions that readers made regarding individuals were your own.

So this blog will be changing, a little. I was advised today about the extent of the law, and how it affects teachers and bloggers. Although I'm probably safe (union representation read the blog, and though they didn't agree with some things, they didn't see much wrong with it), I agreed to remove posts in which some people might assume that they have a clue about who the people are. I'm doing it because this issue is affecting my teaching in the classroom in ways that I don't like, and the kids suffer for it. My last class of the day found it evident that something was not right because my answers were very short and monotone, and I was figeting like crazy. I'm not willing to give up something I live for because a tiny group of people that have nothing to do with the school make assumptions on situations they know nothing about. Any offensive posts have been removed and will making classroom management posts that have are much more vague. I'm doing it because I live to teach, and the students mean more to me than this blog does.

On the other hand, this last week created some very positive notes as well. I learned a lot about the law, and how many teachers need to be careful posting in the online world. This afternoon, an interesting conversation took place about Internet classrooms and online postings. How is a teacher supposed to discuss classroom management without divulging a single piece of information? If you take a class at the local JC and talk about a situation, does it put you at risk if someone in the class knows one of the students? What about online classroom forums? It brings up an interesting topic.

The support I have continued to receive is enormous. Teachers have read the blog, and even though some don't agree with the politics, all have lined up to support me. It felt really nice.

So I blog on, with care from now on. This is still a blog about a teacher who is going through the ups and downs of working in the American Education System.
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