Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am gonna kill Bill.........after I read the Education Carnival!

When people ask me about the last great movie I saw, I say that it was Kill Bill, Volume 2. Those people frown in puzzlement when I give this answer, as they often think that the Kill Bill series is simply Quentin Tarantino being an obnoxious child, using massive amounts of blood in Volume One, and useless banter in Volume Two.
If anything, this is Tarantino paying homage to westerns, kung-fu flicks and gangster thrillers in a method that the massively entertaining, and in Volume 2, full of outstanding dialogue. The best scene of the year could be David Carradine (Bill) and Uma Thurman (The Bride) in Bill's home discussing the ethics of Superman. The build up of tension that leads to the scene is exquisite, the acting is top notch, and the result is an excellent ending.
It is a brutal movie in some scenes, but the action is less random and comical than Volume One, and the quest makes you root much more for The Bride.

But before you grab that Black Mamba, go visit the Education Carnival!
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