Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hospice + $64 = over 250 books

It felt like stealing.

There is a local Hospice in town that sells odds and ends for money for cancer patients. Every so often, my wife and I will pop in to look for something for the house, or swoop into the book section to build our classroom libraries. Um, sure, we build our library too. This weekend was more significant, as my wife's friend is now the principal at the continuation high school in Willits, and the school has no library. This can not be permitted to happen and we set out to create the Sanhedrin High School library.

Upon arriving at the little store, we bolted right to the book section, only to find that there wasn't much there. We were in a state of melancholy. Suddenly, an older lady poked her head in and asked what we where looking for.

"Oh, we're teachers and are looking to build up our libraries for the students."

The older lady raised her eyebrows. "Come back here around the curtain.", she said.

We hustled into the back room, out into a backyard, and through a doorway to a large garage. The lady pointed at the corner of the garage, where 50+ boxes of books were stacked upon each other, gathering dust.

"Only one lady runs the book department, and she comes in once a week. Have at it."

Two and a half ours later, we had seven huge boxes of books (think Dell computer boxes)and $64 less in our wallet. The finds were unbelievable, with books for my wife, myself, my classroom library, and for Sanhedrin. How good was it? Think of the greatest find of books imaginable. It is pretty close to our score.

How much do we like books?

This is two walls of the den (the border is from previous owners). What you don't see is the shelf of books in the garage, the bedside table full of books in the bedroom (one for me, one for my wife), or the books we bought today.
As you can see, we really like to read.
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