Monday, October 17, 2005

Homecoming Week is over

Basically, Homecoming is a competition between each class to determine which one has the most spirit. The competition start Monday and ends with the announcement of the winner on Friday after the Homecoming game. The prize? Bragging rights and a large bell dubbed "The Spirit Bell". How much of a big deal is it? Well, most students consider this the high point of the year, which makes it all down hill from here. Students attend rallies, make skits, make a float (for a parade on Friday before the game), make a large backdrop for the gym, make a kiosk presentation, eat a lot of McDonalds,and show a general interest in school spirit. While accomplishing this task, students regularly find ways to totally alienate each other in interesting fashion. Since each class is assigned a color (this year it was freshmen=pink, sophomore=green, junior=black, senior=white), the school becomes a really bad Impressionist painting.
In terms of school work, it seems like half the teachers in the school put the academic portion on hold while students do Homecoming related activities. Many of my Seniors decided to skip class to work on the float, rehearse the skit, or to sleep in from nights of Homecomingitis. Of course, I keep the students accountable and give a test on Friday. It might seem mean, but it is preparing them for later in the year, when the pressure of multi-tasking really starts to mount. This is where student/teacher relationships start to strain a little bit because of the accountability that I hold with my students. I would be a hell of a lot easier if all teachers had a consistent program that didn't stop for Homecoming, but teachers have their own way to do things.
In good news, coaches were given a pay raise by the Ukiah School Board. Actually, coaches were paid money to make them in line with what the rest of the schools in our league make. Read the story in the Ukiah Daily Journal.
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