Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here's some cultural insight into Mendocino County...

....courtesy of USA Today and the Ukiah Daily Journal.

In class yesterday, the conversation drifted to the legalization of marijuana, as it often does. After discussing harmful effects of the drug, a student chimed in that the only way that pot causes lung cancer is if you smoked cigarettes with it. Pot smoke was "cleaner".


We live in the middle of a huge drug culture in Ukiah. As the USA Today article points out, harvest is coming to full swing and CAMP is out trying to keep up with the constant pot problem within Mendocino County. Even though we no longer lead the nation in pot cultivation (Shasta County gets it this year), we have the most liberal drug laws in the state. Notice the article is talking about the problem of Mexican Drug Cartels doing the serious growing. That is no lie, as more and more campsites are being raided that contain automatic weapons and Mexican workers that often fight against police.

Also check out the recent article in the Ukiah Daily Journal about a "Hemp Church" that has refused to stop dispensing weed because it is providing a medical necessity to the area. Sure, and the dozen or so homeless that now frequent the storefront are all looking for the medical care associated with a bong hit. Or maybe it was the excellent medical advice that depression should be treated with weed.

And people wonder why so much of Ukiah high?

UPDATE 10/14

By the way, that smell in Ukiah is the smell of a bountiful harvest. Take a look at the Ukiah Daily Journal to read about the complaints regarding the odor of harvest. It gets worse and worse around here as more people start cultivating the green stuff.
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