Monday, September 05, 2005

Week Two

Labor Day weekend was spent doing little house stuff; putting up shelves, straightening the house, filing, shredding, etc. We're trying to make life a little simpler since school leaves us pretty exhusted during the day, and the weekends are needed to recoup. Today was actually pretty nice. I did a little grading while watching the tube. It wasn't until later when I found out the bad news. Remember the death in the family? Well, now her family is starting to jockey for position in the money department. Unfortunately, this means that we need to stay involved in a situation that takes more time and energy than it is worth. This also means that home will remain stressed for at least the next two weeks. Needless to say, I was unhappy about information. I'm ready to start living OUR lives, as selfish as that might sound.
On a lighter note, this week will begin the exploration into Democracy vs. Dictatorship. I'm going to try a Power Point presentation for my Democracy lecture, and then my standard "notes on overhead" for my Dictatorship lecture. I'm interested in how my students will respond. The Power Point will be shown on the t.v., except that I'm worried that the back of the classroom won't be able to see it. I have the master overhead if there is a problem, and I'll test it out of course. I'm going to end the week with an opinion paper on the problems of America. In the wake of Hurrican Katrina, it will be interesting to read the responses. Intro classes are going to be working on the Preamble, and I'm going to start hammering away with quizzes. Keeping them on their toes is a good thing.
A note from the Union side of things. I quit the Union as a site representative. Besides the fact that I have contrary opinions on almost all issues, and that I think that the organization is ran by incompetent people, the real issue is that I end up spending useless energy on topics that don't mean as much as the classroom does. I'm done getting pissed off about things that have little impact on what goes on inside the classroom. It is what happens in the classroom that is most important. So I'm done with the Union. Now the high school has formed a faculty association and they want to charge $10 to every teacher as dues. Right now I'm so irritated at the whole system that I'm considering asking for a vote from the faculty for the charge. It may sound petty, but our union fees have gone up, our health care fees have gone up, and I give enough money to this school as it is.

So, off to Week Two, the four day work week!
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