Monday, September 26, 2005

Uneventful weekend. Thank God.

It was nice that the weekend consisted of relaxing in front of the tube, grading a few papers, mowing the lawn, and eating way to well. It was a long time in coming. One of the highlights of the weekend was the mammoth book sale that was put on by the Friends of the Library, where a person could fill a shopping bag full of books for $3. My wife and I ended up with 7 full bags of books, 1 1/2 of which is going to my classroom library.
As for eating well, Albertson's had a seafood sale this weekend. Sunday dinner consisted of organic green salad, shrimp skewers, king crab legs, Chilean sea bass, and a 2001 Sebastiani Cab. My wife and I were feeling very well off, to say the least. But we also felt like we deserved it for what we were going through over the last month.
A week consisting of the Constitution is forthcoming. Included will by my students trying to describe their generation, which will be entertaining.
This afternoon had a refreshing change as thunderstorms pounded the area for about two hours. A couple of downpours also helped cool things off. Unfortunately, it is suupposed to be near 90 over the next few days. The typical late September/early October heat up is about to begin.
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