Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In space, no one can here you recite long passages of the Education Carnival.

Come on.
You know you where scared when you first saw the little alien pop out of the guys stomach. It was the beginning of some great sci-fi horror for the big screen. Alien isn't horribly bloody, and it isn't gross out flick, despite the stomach seen. Instead, it is a brilliantly crafted science fiction thriller that uses the camera and the setting so effectively, that you don't realize that the claustrophobic conditions until the end of the movie. This movie also helped develop one of the first true female action heroes, Sigourney Weaver. So see Alien, at least once. Just don't eat anything first.

School has been better lately, although there is some coaches news that I'll pass along later this week. I'll also tell you how my classes are progressing. Ms. Frizzle is doing the Education Carnival this week, and was kind enough to link my first day, which was a major drag. It has gotten better, but I'm still not recovered from the summer family issues, and I might be traveling again this weekend. Ah well.

But before you go on the run from the perfect organism, go read the Education Carnival!
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