Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bad Vibes Be Gone!

After a good long talk, much of the negativity that permeated the household has been vanquished! You never know, it could return, but dwelling on it does no good.

Thursday and Friday were excellent teaching days. I'm back into full flow mode, buzzing around the classroom, conversing with students in the halls during passing period, and getting the learning energized. Intro classes wrote some very nice essays that were peer edited and returned for final drafts. I only just started to do serious peer editing last year, and it has done wonders for student involvement and achievement. The students interact more, use the dictionary more, and create better work to impress other students. College prep Government also doing well, even though Class A is basically a dead class. It happens to be my earliest class of the day, and if it wasn't for a really involved student, the class would seem like a group of mannequins. I'm still working on them. Friday we discussed the reasons for government and introduced the Preamble, thanks to a rousing cartoon courtesy of Schoolhouse Rock. Those of you that haven't been using Schoolhouse Rock are missing out. The classic 80's cartoon series is still a hit, even with Seniors in high school! Yes, there is a small period of embarrassment that they are watching it. But within two minutes they are singing the songs, and 90% of my Seniors know the Preamble of the Constitution because they can sing it! Just wait until "I'm Just a Bill"!
So thank God the clouds have risen and I can start teaching. Better late than never!
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