Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some men get the world. Others get ex-hookers, a trip to Arizona, and a spot on the Education Carnival!

L.A. Confidential is one of the greatest underrated movies ever made. The movie engulfs the viewer in images and the feel of the 1950's, while the cast does an excellent job making the film very entertaining. In fact, Kim Basinger had the best role of her career (she won an Oscar for it), and Russell Crowe might be known for many other roles, but I think this has to rank as one of his best. A film noir-ish movie with heart and comedy, L.A. Confidential is a must see for any movie fan.

Not much to report from the school. Day Three was all classroom prep with an hour department meeting. However, I do have a question that I need answered. I'm considering making a "B" requirement in which students would have to view a political movie. I would not be during class time. There is a place off campus where I can show the movie "Bulworth". I think that using any school equipment, or being on campus puts me too liable if I show Bulworth at school, even after school. Do you think that I should even risk it off campus? Consider: A) They are Seniors B) The movie has lots of profanity and some drug use.

What do you think?

But before you go and get made up like Lana Turner, check out the Education Carnival!
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