Monday, August 29, 2005

Santa Rosa makes a couple of good choices

The Santa Rosa City Schools are now deciding on whether to start school earlier, and end the year earlier. Looks like an early August time can be in the works for next year, and the end time would be the final week of May, 2006. The hope is that the first semester will end by Winter Break and create a solid break between semesters. Sounds good to me. On an even better front, the Santa Rosa City schools decided to not allow for a longer break in order to support Hispanic students that go to Mexico for their vacations.
Santa Rosa officials specifically rejected providing a longer winter break for students who take an extended vacation in Mexico. They expressed concern that students might forget more material with a longer break. As well, their analysis proved inconclusive on whether such a move would increase student attendance - and, thus, state revenue.

Good for Santa Rosa for deciding to buck the trend regarding "sensitivity" towards Latino families and vacation. I made an arguement against this in my Multiculturalism class this summer and people were not happy. I feel a little bit vindicated, but more proud of the decision of the district.
See the article in the Press Democrat.
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