Friday, August 19, 2005

Now here is a shocker.

Apparently, recent studies that have been released show that more drugs are getting into the schools and more students are taking them.
Wow, big surprise there.
Most students also said that it really didn't matter if it was legal or illegal, they would do it anyway. Plus, over 2/3 of the students said that pot was very easy to come by. Another stunning example of the legalization argument making no sense.
You can check out some of the statistics over at NewsDay.
Oh, and it mentioned that parents play a very important role in preventing kids from doing drugs. I wonder when No Child Left Behind will start holding parents accountable?
Ukiah's response to this? Reopen the medical marijuana clinic! That's right, what better example to set than to sell it out from a business legally! Of course, that makes little difference because growing weed is legal in the Ukiah city limits!
Check out the local fishwrap for the grand reopening.

UPDATE on 8/20: EdWonk has the whole report and a better summary of the data. Go there!
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