Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Live, from the Mill Valley Public Library

Wow, my motel is a real shit hole.
Hence the reason that I'm blogging from the Mill Valley Public Library. I'm out and about for 2 reasons. One, my motel is a shit hole, and I'd rather be somewhere else. Two, I need walk off the In & Out burger I just ate.

The Economics Conference is excellent. There are a ton of new materials, great reviews of standards, and the lectures/activies are informative. I highly recommend something like this for anyone that is teaching Economics, especially if you are new at it or a first year teacher. The information is invaluable.

I'll give a better rundown of the activities when I return to Ukiah, hopefully by tomorrow night. Here are some of the teasers:
-Ferry or airplane?
-"I hate the Standards."
-The parrots of KOIT Tower.
-Homeless at 15.
-Shredders at the Ferry Building.
-and my shit hole motel.

I hope that I get through the night. It is in a fine area, but the hotel really looks substandard. Nothing like what Expedia noted.
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