Wednesday, August 17, 2005

KNBR bends over

Well, the situation with my wife's family member isn't good, and it looks like she is staying in the Bay Area until Sunday. It is one of the those situations where you just hope everything happens quick. The good news is that it is really bringing her family together.

In other news, I'm finally ready to rant about the idiotic firing that happened at KNBR 680 a.m. last week. For those not in the know, KNBR is a sportstalk radio station out of San Francisco, one that I have listened to since 1990. Recently, during a post game rant, host Larry Krueger said that he was tired of "brain-dead Caribbean hitters hacking at slop nightly" and that "Felipe Alou's brain has turned into Cream of Wheat".
Stupid comment? Absolutely.
Should he have said it? Absolutely not.
Is it deserving termination of employment? If you belong to KNBR it does, which is insane since I've heard much worse from the likes of Barry Bonds on a regular basis. Yes folks, Larry Krueger was fired for making a "racist" remark about Caribbean ball players. The problem is that the comment wasn't racist, it was stupid, and there is a difference. Never mind that Krueger went crawling to Giants manager Felipe Alou to apologize (it was refused), never mind that Alou called Kruger "a messenger of Satan", and never mind that not one radio host thought that Krueger deserved to be fired. When it came down to it, this isn't New York, it's San Francisco, the birthplace of Political Correctness, and Krueger became a victim of that political correctness. His firing was unjust and spineless by the upper eschelon of KNBR, and as host Ralph Barbieri put it "the darkest (day) in my 21 years at KNBR."
If you have been listening across the country about this issue, you might get the idea that Larry Krueger was a racist, the way the media portrayed it. However, fact is the opposite. Krueger was a level headed baseball fanatic that loved the Giants, and was one of the few that wouldn't tow the Giants party line. He was often critical of the play on the field. Now the management has removed a good radio guy that made a dumb mistake, making KNBR worse for wear.
Oh and by the way, check out how Felipe Alou manages his pitching rotation. I think his brain is going to Cream of Wheat too.
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