Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Issues for this year

In no particular order of importance.....

-The workshop was entitled "Safety in our Schools". What it was about was the harrassment of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered students, for 4 hours. Let me preface this by saying that I am more liberal than you think when it comes to homosexuality (Miller's Time would not approve). Saying that, this workshop (which we signed up for) was totally misrepresented in terms of explaination. What it ended up being was another multicultural exercise, only about gays. Then it got to hate crimes, and I ended up tangling with a civil case lawyer about the use of "hate crimes" in society. I won't get into the arguement, that is for a later date. The best part was a panel of students who discussed their experiances, but that lasted 15 minutes. But for the most part, the workshop was a 4 hour waste, full of false statistics and interest agenda. High school classes in "lifestyle studies" should be added to the curriculum, teachers should put more pink in their classrooms, avoid using gender driven terms (mother, father), and we were to realize that 10 percent of the population of the school was homosexual, and that they were being terrorized in the halls of the school. And that, my friends, is the primary problem with the school according to the presenters. This brought a massive uproar, even from the liberal teachers, as the school is a very liberal thinking school, and gangs are pretty much the primary problem. So, I'm making a big sign that says that my classroom is a "Hate Free Zone", even though that is already in my class policy anyway.

-First of all, I really liked my last pricipal. I'm not about to compare him with the new guy. One thing the new guy wants to do is enforce a stronger sense of discipline. Teachers wishes will be respected in terms of referrals, gang members are going bye-bye, and the campus will be much safer. So he says. We'll see what happens.

-Release the Hounds!!! Drug-sniffing dogs on campus roaming the halls, and at lunch! Oh, I love it! Zero tolerance drug policy now at the school. Wonderful!

-The raise in price for the health care, along with cutting benefits, made more people than me very mad. Apparently, they union committee is under intense fire to either fix the problem, or get nailed to the wall. I prefer the later since these idiots have managed to screw over our healthcare.

There are plenty of other little things, but tis late and I'm bushed. Tomorrow I need to scramble because Thursday and Friday I'm out of town. Bah!
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