Monday, August 29, 2005

Highly Qualified

There is an interesting article in the Contra Costa Times regarding the term "highly qualified" in relation to teachers. Apparently, the Governator has promised that every teacher will be "highly qualified" by the end of the next school year. With Ukiah, it would seem that the term is being treated with serious examination. Teachers are being interviewed and set up with a point system to determine qualification. It looks like 99% of the teachers in district are fine. However, teachers from other districts have told me that there is no way that the schools will be able to make teachers fall under the "highly qualified" status any time soon. In my subject area (Social Science), it was found that History teachers are not supposed to teacher Government or Economics. Apparently, one must have a Social Science Degree (I have a History/Social Science) or have taken enough classes to complete the requirements. That means that I have become more valuable, since I can teach any Social Science.

Check out the complaining near the end of the article about teacher quality. Seems that many research centers don't like the fact that teachers are ill prepared for the classroom. I'm all for firing unqualified teachers, and then watching the school districts go down in flames. Maybe that would garner the attention of politicians that constantly blame the teacher for the problems.
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