Friday, July 08, 2005

Tonight I'm thankful that I left the Valley

No, not that "Valley".
I'm talking about the Sacramento Valley. For those of you that are not familiar with California geography, everything north of Sacramento to Red Bluff is the "Sacramento Valley", while everything from Sacramento south to Bakersfield is the "Central Valley".
Got it?
Well, I lived all over the Sacramento Valley after my years at Paradise High School. I lived in Sacramento, Live Oak, Durham and finally, Chico. Today I travelled to the thriving metroplex called Yuba City and Marysville. Actually, the area has made a very strong rebound since being called "The Worst Place to Live in the United States" by Money Magazine in 1995. A year later, the "Worst Place" became Peoria, Illinois (Ha, Ha!). Yuba City was second. Now, Yuba City is becoming a place where Sacramento professionals are coming to live and commute to work. Homes are springing up all over the west side of town! Anyway, I dropped off my wife with her mother in Marysville. You see, her family is having a "ladies only" weekend in Soda Springs at a cabin. Well, it was 5 p.m. in Marysville and still in the mid-90's. Damn, I really hate the heat. I can't believe that I survived the nasty heat that drenched the Sac Valley year after year after year. In Chico it gets worse. The entire city is surrounded by miles of rice fields that are flooded and create massive humidity. Add in the mosquitos in September/October and you have the miserable weather that I left 4 years ago. It will get to around 100 in Ukiah from time to time, but the second that sun drops over the hills, the temperature drops and it is actually very nice outside. For instance, it is actually pretty cold outside right now, as the overcast has rolled in. Thank god I live in Ukiah; you couldn't pay me to move back to the valley.

In other news, my MySpace experiment is continuing. I had one new "friend" add, a former basketball player that will is still a student at the school. Four days later, he eliminated the add. My guess is that his friends found out that he added a teacher and pressured him to remove it. How do I come to that conclusion? I only had about 35-40 views on my site before he added. Since the day he added, I've had over 150. So I'm out there, even though students don't dare and comment.

Hope all of you have a nice weekend.
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