Friday, July 15, 2005

This is me

One of my former students sent me this picture that is in the yearbook this year. It is of me coaching my freshmen this year against Maria Carillio at home. The caption in the yearbook said, "Mr. Silva-Brown directs his team against the Cougers, in his usual polite way." Hey, dammmit, I was being polite :) And we won too!
I actually had a lot of fun with this group of guys this year. They are nice kids with a lot of potential to be good basketball players. The bummer is that only two of them consistantly practice over the summer, which means we will beat crappy teams next year, but we won't be a great squad.

I love to coach. There are people that say that coaching is not teaching, and that is dead wrong. Coaching is the ultimate form of teaching because you are taking a group of kids, making them develop new habits, and then you get to see the result (assesment) right on the court that same week.
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