Thursday, July 21, 2005

Screw the Supreme Court, Ukiah willl smoke out anyway

The Federal Government might say that it is illegal, the Supreme Court might say they concur, but the City of Ukiah says that it doesn't make a difference. The City Council, in a move that is both naive and contemptible, approved an ordinance that legalized the cultivation of marijuana within city limits. You can read about this idiotic little law right in the Ukiah Daily Journal.
Regardless about how you feel about marijuana, this is a devastating blow for teachers trying to keep kids off drugs. You really can't understand the atmosphere that these kids are in until you live in the town. The drug and alcohol culture in this town is accepted by the community as something that teens do. In turn, this makes our job as educator that much more difficult, as teens remain focused on getting high after school or on the weekends. Hell, I've had a few students show up to class high, and once again, it is accepted by the community. I've had students wave around medical marijuana cards in class and proclaim, "I'm 18, I'm legal, I have the card, bring me the weed." The consequence for that action? Nothing. They aren't breaking any law!
And Mendocino County and the City of Ukiah continue to promote drug use. As the school continues to get complaints about the graduating Seniors having no drive, not having necessary work skills, not being accepted to top universities, not being able to keep students in the classroom, the town turns its head and creates a law that says "drugs are ok, they have no negative impact, go ahead and go them".
Where is a government crackdown when you need it?
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