Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pardon my French.........But FUCK THE NEA.

Out the door with being diplomatic.
Nice to know that I'm a forced member in an organization that is deciding policy for me. Forget the fact that I'm paying dues when I have no choice but to open my wallet, know the National Education Association is deciding that I agree with political practices that they have chosen to back. This is more than enough to get me real pissed. At the wholly undemocratic national convention that was held last week, this is what Politburo decided;

1) That it might be necessary to boycott Gallo wines. (I collect wine, I live in wine country, and this is idiotic).

2) That teachers should be anti-Wal-Mart. (And spend money at some place more expensive. And even if you teach Supply and Demand, lets not practice it).

3) That teachers must support the International Criminal Court. (Nice to see my money going towards bogus foreign policy decisions).

4) That universities not use the SAT, because is discriminates. (They specifically pointed to the writing portion).

5) Teachers should strike against the War in Iraq. (And it is none of the NEA's fucking business how I feel about the war.)

I give money to this organization and all they do is make policy that I don't agree with. Here's what I think, all the local unions need to rise up and refuse to pay the CTA and NEA until total accountability is presented. I mean, come on. Unions are not the government, and the people need to regain control of that entity which was created to provide the worker with "A fair days work at a fair pay."

Screw you CTA and NEA. I'm a teacher and you do not represent me in the slightest.
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