Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Introducing......My Fellow Bloggers!

I can't sleep tonight, so I'll give you guys a little introduction to the yahoos that I read on a regular basis. Those that I have here I check all the time, however I do have 57 blogline feeds that I get to when I have the time.

Bud the Teacher- A teacher out of Colorado, Bud caught my interest by talking about educational technology. Now I'm beginning to look at things like Podcasting and using Wikipedia. He talks alot about teachers and blogging too!

Education Wonks- His blog is Grand Central Station for teacher's blogs. EdWonk has a variety of articles and opinions that seem to reach the essence of the common teacher, while adding in a splash of political banter. He's also the creater of the Education Carnival, one of the best sources of teacher talk around.

Fred's World- Fred teaches in Florida and talks about him and his families adventures. His blog is super personable, and the amount of comments he recieves is evidence of that.

History in Halstead- Mr. Warsnak blogs from Kansas, though we won't held that against him. Actually, he's created another very personable blog that doesn't just address teachers, but students as well. If you respond to his posts, don't be surprised if one of his students chimes in!

Jenny D- A doctorial candidate, Jenny D is one of the high end academics that is trying to figure out why our system is not doing so well for all our kids. Teachers should give her a look because she's one of those that isn't a teacher, but is trying to find the answers. We might be able to help with her quest. At the very least, her topics will get you stirred up. By the way, she helps with the Education Carnival on occasion.

Joanne Jacobs- This blog is made by a California journalist that throws out a more conservative look at education. Her topics are interesting and often controversial. Be care about posting. Most of the responses I get are from right-wing nuts that simply say that the problem is all about the teachers.

Middle School Mayhem
- A relatively new blog about a teacher who is going through the frustrations that most of use can identify with. She rants quite about about things we often want to rant about, but don't.

Mild Melancholy- This blog is about a young woman who moved to New York to teach and chronicles her adventures as such. She was a first year, and is moving to the ranks of the baptized. I love this blog because it gives insight to a couple of things; teaching, New York, women, clashes of cultures, and the development of teaching from idealism to realism.

Miller's Time- This is less about teaching as it is politics here in California. He's strongly Republican, but seems to be able to have fun with it. Plus, he lives in Sacramento and loves the Kings and Giants. He stays on my list.

Polski3- Polski is out of the Southern California Desert and talks about many of the same issues that teachers discuss, but particularly here in California. Really nice guy to discuss reasonable topics with.

Post Hip Chick- Post Hip teaches in the Bay Area and is dealing with turning 30. Her blog is very light and humorous, even when dealing with difficult teaching issues. Warning: it is very slanted towards women, so some of the conversation might not geared for the gentlemen all the time. But its still a good read.

Right on the Left Coast- Another conservative teacher out of Sacramento, but Darren deals much more about teaching than the Miller's Time. Also, Darren is a great source on how the California Teacher's Association is robbing and misrepresenting its members.

What It's Like on the Inside- "Just your average schoolmarm" from Washington state. However, her insights are calm and level, yet make some excellent points. This blog is a good read, especially if you are into science.

What Up, Mz Smlph?- If you took Sarah Jessica Parkers's character in Sex and the City, and you made her a teacher, I get the feeling like it might be a lot like Mz. Smlph. Except that you have to move her to the rural South. This might be the most entertaining blog on the list.

More will be added as I find them a consistent read. In the meantime, hit up these blogs.
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