Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You take the red stay in wonderland...and I show you the Education Carnival!

A coach at the Redwood Empire camp said "The Matrix was alright, but not that great. Just a lot of blowing shit up."
Uhhhhhhhhh, huh? It was one of those moments where you stand dumbfounded in front of someone, and then have the urge to slap them.
I did really pay attention to The Matrix because I was on a date with a girl that, right before the movie, did the whole "let's be friends" thing. I sulked the entire movie and it was about 6 months later that I realized that the movie was much better than the girl.
The Matrix is very good science fiction that is made understandable to the common man by the directors. The concept that "reality is preception" has be toyed with before, but not nearly to this completion. Good cast, ground breaking visual effects, and an excellent plot make the Matrix one of my favorites.

But before you start questioning what is real (and we do that a lot in education), check out the Education Carnival!
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