Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The end of Prop 215, and the beginning of the real fight over marijuna begins.

Let me clear up a couple of issues regarding my position on pot, because I've had various people tell me that my values towards the drug are overzealous and unreasonable.
-I don't think pot is any more physically dangerous than smoking. Pot related accidents are few and far between, and you nobody dies from pot overdoses.
-Saying that, marijuana is a psychological nightmare for many people. I've watched many high school and college students' lives become owned by marijuana. The immediate response I get is "well, isn't alcohol just as bad?". Of course it is. Then why would we decide to except another negative into society, another reason for people to withdraw from reality and become lost.
-It makes no sense to create million dollar campaigns to reign in drinking and reduce smoking, and then turn around and make weed legal.

So when it comes down to it, I would vote "no" on legalization right now, and in the forseeable future. We are trying to get kids to make the right choices, and adding another distraction/problem into their lives is not the way to go about it. If those idiots that are advocating for legalization would put more energy into helping kids stay away from it, we might get somewhere.

Looking at it legally, did the Supreme Court make the right choice? Absolutely. Reading the Opinion of the Court, I am surprised that the dissenting opinions actually advocated State's rights in this situation. Sandra Day O'Connor made it sound like the world was coming to an end because of the reach of the Federal Government. When it comes down to it, the medical marijuana system was experiancing horrid abuse (anyone can get a medical card for $100 here) and the only agency that has the power to legalize drugs is the Food and Drug Administration. If you give every State the power to legalize drugs, the FDA becomes pointless.

Anyway, I'll continue to fight the good fight here in Ukiah. The new idea that K.C. Meadows (the editor of the Ukiah fishwrap) has brought up was a community pot garden. Not only that, she recommended that it be placed right across the street from the high school.
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