Thursday, June 16, 2005

Calm down already. We are used to earthquakes!


Hey look, California is doing what California always does, move. Those of us who live out here are pretty damn prepared for earthquakes. I don't know what you heard about the 7.4 quake off the coast, but it didn't freak out people here as much as the news made it out to. It was felt in the far Northern California (my wife swears that the house creaked) and Southern Oregon. There was a tsunami warning, but after about an hour, it was cancelled. Most of the time, we here in California just looked at all the publicity and smiled. Now the damn news outlets are calling a 4.9 quake in Southern California "moderate". Let me explain something, a 4.9 is barely considered "moderate". Its one of those that may wake you up, but then you realize that it is a regular shaker and you go back to bed.
So everyone relax. Regardless of what happens, I have earthquake insurance :)
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