Sunday, June 12, 2005

2005 Ukiah High School Economics Exposition

I brought this project from my old high school, adjusted it, and now my classes create business models that culminate in these projects at the end of the year. These are judged by local business owners, bankers, and marketing specialists, then they are graded by me. Here are the requirements:
-Create a Mission Statement
-List the Factors of Production
-Interview someone of a similar business
-Create a hypothetical entrepreneural profile
-Create a floor plan
-Create a demand survey, a demand schedule, a demand curve, and figure out the best possible price for maximum revenue on your best selling products
-Name three changes in supply and three changes in demand that effect your business. Graph an example of each.
-State your business organization type and why you chose it.
-Explain your businesses opinions on globalization, free trade and outsourcing.
-List start-up costs
-List the cost of creating a single unit and how many must be sold to break even.
-Discuss options for financing.
-Create a name, logo, slogan, business cards and a coupon.
-List and explain your competition
-Explain how your company will use the 4P's of Marketing
-Create a Print or Video Ad
-Analyze 5 websites of businesses similar to yours.
-Explain your target market
-Give a list of your employees and give detailed job announcements for 4 positions
-Create an employee manual
-Give current local, state and federal unemployement numbers. Explain the job outlook.
-Explain how government will affect your business. Focus on regulations.
-Explain and graph how minimum wage will effect your business
-Create an extensive works cited page
-Include a table of contents and each section labeled separately
-Create a portfolio of all written items using a professional device.
-Create a display and backdrop that will include various items.
-On the display, place one additional promotional item that will attract customers.

Wrap all this together, and this year is the first year that all of my college prep students (70 in groups of 3 or 4) completed this project.

Here are the results in slideshow form on Flickr.

Sole Freedom was 3rd, Lager and Leprechauns was 2nd, the Grand Prize was The Kute Kake.
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