Wednesday, June 15, 2005

134 to 1

134 = the number of students who I have a decent relationship with.
1 = the student who has made the end of the year a lot harder to deal with.

Two days ago, I posted about a meeting I was going to have with a student who didn't pass my class.
It has escalated.
Yesterday I met with the group, this student's grades in hand, to explain why the student did not pass. The document contained my class policy, a list of the student's assignments and grades, a student report on behavior, an attendence sheet, the directions for Econ Expo, the rubric for Econ Expo, and finally, the graded Econ Expo. The family felt that the student deserved a passing grade and that I was not grading fairly. After a presentation of the evidence, the grade remained and I gained full support of the administration. You would hope that it was case closed.
Today, as I was cleaning out my garage, the student showed up at my home. The student wanted to know if I had changed my mind, then after I said that I don't talk about grades at home, the student made a warning.
"I heard from so and so that he has a cell phone message about a couple of guys talking about egging your house and your car. I'm just warning you." The couple of guys the student mentioned just happened to be students that I have a very good relationship with. In essence, the student was setting up four other students, and indirectly threatening my property.
I was not happy. I called the principal of my school, who immediately called the student's parents and warned them that a plot was unfolding. Then I called the four students that I thought this student was trying to pin blame and warned the parents that this student was a lot of trouble. Then I called the police, who arrived at my door, took a report, and then went and warned the child that it was not a good idea to show up at teacher's homes and threaten property damage.
It is too bad really. I recieved great student-to-teacher evaluations today, along with a few personal notes from students talking about how much I positively influenced their lives. Then this happens.
Oh well, not a whole lot I can do at this point. Worst case is that my house and car get egged, and I go after this student big time. It's hard, but I just have to remember........
134 to 1.
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