Wednesday, June 29, 2005

MySpace.......Internet Crack for the 21st Century

I was walking in the library a little over a year ago when I saw a person writing in a personal blog called When I came back this year, I found that MySpace has absolutely exploded onto the Junior High and High School scene. Over 80% of the Seniors in my class had a MySpace site by the end of the this year, and it is growing! Students would sit next to each other in the computer lab, messaging each other on MySpace! People are MySpacing like crazy, sending pictures, e-mails, cell phone numbers...........wait a minute...........cell phone numbers?

Ahhh, now we come to the problem. Students are posting things that could get them in big trouble on the Internet and don't realize that MySpace is very public. It is no wonder that schools are clamping down on the website. I don't think that the fact that students are using it so much is the problem, as much as what is posted on them. As the Sacramento Bee reported recently, there are legal issues for students and administrators that could get a lot of people in trouble. How much trouble? Well...........

Forgive me all, but I signed on to MySpace and created an account to check out this new fad. In fact, you can take a look at my MySpace page HERE. The hype is overwhelming and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see how easy it is to navigate this new universe. Here are my thoughts on MySpace:

-First of all, it is very easy to join up and the operations are easy to understand. MySpace creates a webpage template that people can modify using simple HTML commands, or more common, by copying program language into the page template. Everything else is simply informaton that the user plugs in.

-Pages can be totally warped to a persons personality. Colors, music videos, images, pictures, you name it. So it is an easy way for the user to scream "individuality" while on the Internet.

-You can become popular on this thing very quickly. On each webpage, there is an area that contains all of your "friends", meaning people that you can talk to. If you click on that image, you get transported to that persons webpage, who has more "friends", and so on. It is easy to find someone you know very quick.

-How quick? Well, on the last day of school I talked to CW about MySpace and she told me that I should visit her site. Tonight, I signed up and visited her site. I pushed the button that would send her a message that stated that I would like to become a "friend" on her site. How long did it take her to respond? 3 minutes. I am now friend #81. My displayed name is "Master Yoda", so it isn't like it is screaming "TEACHER". CW is friend #1 for me. Let's see long it takes to attract the attention of others.

-I cruised MySpace to check out the doings of other former-students. I did not, and will not, check out the sites of current students. The reason? Liability. According to Ed Code, I am required to notify the authorities if a minor is doing anything illegal. That and I don't need to change my perception of students by reading something that might be about me in an online blog. So I checked out former students from the last 4 years from Ukiah High School. The things posted on their blogs ranges from laugh-out-loud funny to downright stupid. CW's website is personalized after her very well. It is laced with raunchy humor and profanity. Now, I don't know about you, but when I was 18, I talked a lot of raunchy humor and profanity. In fact, I'm still very versed in the vocabulary of profanity, just not around the kiddies. But come on, in high school or college......or around old friends....let the shit talking fly. Other things are on CW's website; pictures from graduation, a music video, lots of surveys like "what is your favorite color?" kind of things. Upon further review of other ex-students, the pictures became more graphic. I viewed students with the usual beer can in their hands, and most of the female students with a jug of Bacardi in their lap. I found a dozen sites where students were smoking joints, 4 sites that included pictures of kids taking bong hits, a couple that have students wearing wayyyy too little, and if I wanted to call about 15 of my old smart-as-hell kiddies, it would be no problem since I know have their cell phone number. Oh yea, I almost forgot a few (yes, a few) sites with ex-students doing lines of blow on a table.

This is the danger that is MySpace. Already, students have been arrested for the content of their MySpace page. As the Sac Bee article shows, administators are starting to creep into student sites and hold kids accountable for the actions that are shown in photographs. As teachers, we are required to alert the authorities if we see our students doing this! And I'm not even talking about the danger to students who place personal information on webpages for the whole world to see. "Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl from Ukiah High School. Here's what I look like and here's my cell phone number". That is a very dangerous scenerio that is being played out right now on MySpace. The whole situation is quite bad, for students and teachers alike. Ukiah High School put on the Officer Dave list of banned sites from the school. Of course, it took a day to figure out a way around it (cached google page loophole).

So as a teacher, what do you do? I'm not about to police the material of my students, since I'm not into censureship, and that is the job of parents anyway. Hopefully, teachers are just aware and try to let parents know that MySpace is a pretty damning thing if used without a little common sense.

You take the red stay in wonderland...and I show you the Education Carnival!

A coach at the Redwood Empire camp said "The Matrix was alright, but not that great. Just a lot of blowing shit up."
Uhhhhhhhhh, huh? It was one of those moments where you stand dumbfounded in front of someone, and then have the urge to slap them.
I did really pay attention to The Matrix because I was on a date with a girl that, right before the movie, did the whole "let's be friends" thing. I sulked the entire movie and it was about 6 months later that I realized that the movie was much better than the girl.
The Matrix is very good science fiction that is made understandable to the common man by the directors. The concept that "reality is preception" has be toyed with before, but not nearly to this completion. Good cast, ground breaking visual effects, and an excellent plot make the Matrix one of my favorites.

But before you start questioning what is real (and we do that a lot in education), check out the Education Carnival!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Kelo vs. New London

My, isn't this Supreme Court case causing a little stir.
For those of you that don't know, eminient domain is the ability of the government to take your property with due compensation. All the city needs to do is prove that the property will be used for the greater public good. What is considered "greater public good" is constantly up for debate. According to Kelo, "greater public good" now includes the ability for a city to take property if the new owners are going to develop the land to increase the economic welfare of the city.
I beleive that some semblence of eminent domain is necessary. "Public Good" is an acceptable reason if matters of safety and security are at stake. And lets remember that the land is taken with just compensation, usually above market value.
Saying that, I can't find one shred of good reasoning behind this case. Eminient domain on the basis of economic development? This means that the city can drive out any group of people that are not "supporting" the tax base of the city simply by creating a study that shows in improvement of tax revenue. Think I'm over the line? You read the opinion here (Kelo vs. New London) and show me where the majority states that this can't happen. In fact, the court sets a very disturbing precident by making the remarks,

Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted function of government


Quite simply, the government's pursuit of of a public purpose will often benefit individual private parties

You might see the quotes as no big deal. I see the quotes as flying directly in the face of basic Constitutional principles. One of the main reasons that the Constitution was created was to protect the concept of private property. If you let a person cultivate and maintain that property, that person is more likely to be involved in government, promote a healthy economy, and defend the values of the country. If you think I'm being over-patriotic then you might want to reread the Constitution and the some of the comments made by the Founders. Then you might want to go back to Economics and read about how owning capital creates political involvement because you have more to lose.

I'm not big into calling out the government every time there is a mistake, but this time, I'm calling out the Supreme Court of the United States. Their decision was based on the trust of government instead of the trust in the people and the Constitution of the United States. Yes, the government helps guide positive economic decisions for the U.S. However, the end result of our success as an economic power has come from the marketplace and the ability of the consumer to make wise choices. In this case, basic economic decisions are now in the hands of city government, not the owners of private property.

I have to agree with Clarence Thomas on this case. The Supreme Court dumped on the foundation and core values of the United States Constitution.

Making a little easy money

I'm currently substituting a high school summer school class in Computer Litercy. Talking about a very easy paycheck. Computer Lit classes are great for the following reasons:
1. All the work for the students is pre-planned and when they finish, they work on typing.
2. They are all Freshmen, so they will behave because I'm tall and loud.
3. If they misbehave, then they have to take the whole class next year.

So I worked on some classwork in my History/Social Science Curriculum on the Web class. I had to evaluate three sets of National Standards in History/Social Science. Sounds a lot worse than it actually is. It is interesting to see what organizations think about what students need to know about Social Sciences.

Anyway, I need to go and make sure all the little knotheads are doing their work. Right now I'm listening to 30 students type using a Yahoo Game called Typer Shark. It seems like an effective program, but listening to it for 90 minutes can drive a person mad.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Education Carnival is funny how? Its like a clown? It amuses you? It makes you laugh?

Is there a single man in America that doesn't like Goodfellas? Seriously, maybe they will say that it doesn't suit them, but deep inside men cheer the movie. Ok, so there is a lot of sex, violence, crime and profanity. It is a good old fashion gangster flick! Once a year, I have to sit down and enjoy this movie with a glass of red wine and fat bowl of pasta. While I'm doing that, I'm wondering if Joe Pesci will ever come to my house and whack me! Next to Godfather 1 and 2, Goodfellas is the best gangster movie around!

But before you plan the Luftansa Heist, go ahead and read the Education Carnival!

Monday, June 20, 2005

"I fight at school because I know that it will be broken up and I won't get hurt that much."

-said during an expulsion hearing this year.

Comments? Weird, valid, true?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

It is over. Now, some perspective.

Well, now I'm officially done with my 4th year as a teacher and I have to say, it was excellent! It culminated on Saturday with me in a black robe watching my students graduate on a rainy football field. Yes, I said rainy. Never have I seen Ukiah (or California for that matter) be this late in the year and not have hit 100 degrees. Instead, I was on the football field watching graduation under an umbrella!
Back to the students. The classes were outstanding, the days of feeling miserable were few and far between, and the worst of it was because I was buying the damn house. That made life a little more stressful. However, I had to fill out less than 10 referrals all year, 6 of which were due to attendance problems. The flow was much better and.....well how about a little review:

What worked:
-Total student participation. Mock Congress, Apple Cart and Economics Expo were all very large successes. I highly recommend these types of simulations with this word of warning, be prepared.
-Using Jeopardy as a review. I made it a competitive review and forced students to repeat answers if they were not in the form of a question. Students that were not totally academic became involved quickly and did well.
-Personal relationships. I got to know the students on a deeper level this year more than last. This allowed me to get a better handle on who could manage my sense of humor, and who I should be sweet to.
-The news. I show the news summary from the Newshour (check my links) every day. I lasts from 4-10 minutes long. It might be the best teaching tool for government that I have. College Prep students watched important political events unfold and become aware of economic terminology in practice (FED, GDP, Stock verbiage, Price Indexes). Intro students were very interested about events around the world, especially in Iraq. Many of them are joining the military, and the news was a constant reminder of what might be coming for them.
-Repetition. At the time, students don't like it when you repeat subject matter or slow down to force understanding. In the end, the students figure out why you do it. I also would assign text work, then have the kids take notes on similar material. Students would hate it to start, but understand in the end.
-Student opinions. I did responses every 10 days that gauged opinions on certain subjects from students. They were very effective at reinforcing writing skills, critical thinking, citing sources, and establishing a relationship with students. I refused to mention my opinion, which worked because all students felt like they could speak up in class.
-Sense of Humor. My teacher evaluations had 4 students that thought that my sense of humor was a little too mean. That is way down from last year, where half the students thought I didn't have a sense of humor and that I really was being mean. I think that taking the time to get to know kids allows you to open up much more with them. Some students had a problem with me and student A engaging in playful banter because it was thought that Student A would be offended. This year, I didn't step over the line. Why? Because students will tell me if I do. By the way, and this is very, very important. If you engage in this type of sarcastic banter with students, they will slip up on occasion and go over the line. It isn't fair if it doesn't go both ways so be careful, and be willing to poke fun at yourself.

What Didn't Work:
-My voice, again. I have a loud and booming voice. For people in the front row, that means class every day involves a man in the front sounding like he's yelling. The kids in front did appreciate that very much, and I'm trying to work on it. I don't hear myself yelling, I just boom!
-Spanish. So what, my high school German classes are worthless now????? Actually, yes. The greatest mistake I ever made in my life was starting college late. The second greatest mistake was not taking Spanish. Now, 25% of my students know the language that I'm totally unfamiliar with. So, learn a new language, I must!
-Bringing in outside problems. "Wow, I'm sure glad you finally moved in to your house Mr. Brown, because for the last 3 weeks, you've been a jerk." I love the student that said this. She was dead on correct as well. My mood darkened and I lost energy when the move occurred. Can I really change the situation in the classroom? I really tried, but it is hard to totally split off your life into the "work" section and the "home" section, especially if both are teachers!
-Listen to country music. Seriously, I can't stand country music and it becomes the source of many jokes in my classroom. "I can't wait for Kenny Chesney to go the way of Tupac." To all those yee-haws from my class, I can safely say that I will not be working on listening to more country this summer ;)
-Economics flow. I still don't have it down like I do with Government. This could be for a variety of reasons. First, senioritis kicks in and creates problems with attendance, and the flow of the class. Second, basketball ends at the end of February, which becomes a small letdown. Three, the constant weeks of testing. Finally, I'm not as strong with Econ as I am with Government. Next year I'm really going to work on flow.

So that is a little retrospective on my teaching for the year. More stuff will come out during the summer. Two other things happened this weekend;

-Sonoma State Team Camp: Ukiah came in third behind Rancho Cotati (Cotati) and champion Drake High School (San Anselmo). Our final tally? Wins against Tamelpias (Marin), Head-Royce (Oakland), Novato, Justin-Siena (Napa) and El Molino (Forestville). Losses against Drake twice, Justin-Siena, Rancho Cotati and St. Bernards (Eureka). Not a bad camp overall. More later.

-My wife is working summer school and Algebra Academy this summer. Think I'm sitting on my butt? Actually, yes. I'm taking 30 units of professional development to move over on the pay scale, so I'll be in front of this computer plenty. 12 units of CLAD work, 4 units of Economics, 3 units of classroom prep, 2 units of web design, 3 units of web based Social Science curriculum, 3 units of California history in relation to the Standards, and 3 units on active citizenship for students. Let me know if you are interested and I can direct you to some nice professional development sites. If you know of any, let me know for the future!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Calm down already. We are used to earthquakes!


Hey look, California is doing what California always does, move. Those of us who live out here are pretty damn prepared for earthquakes. I don't know what you heard about the 7.4 quake off the coast, but it didn't freak out people here as much as the news made it out to. It was felt in the far Northern California (my wife swears that the house creaked) and Southern Oregon. There was a tsunami warning, but after about an hour, it was cancelled. Most of the time, we here in California just looked at all the publicity and smiled. Now the damn news outlets are calling a 4.9 quake in Southern California "moderate". Let me explain something, a 4.9 is barely considered "moderate". Its one of those that may wake you up, but then you realize that it is a regular shaker and you go back to bed.
So everyone relax. Regardless of what happens, I have earthquake insurance :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The last thing I remember was............The Education Carnival!

First the Usual Suspects, now Memento. I'm really into the theme of movies that will twist you throughout! It took me almost three years to finally sit and watch Memento, and what the hell was I waiting for. The plot summary just didn't seem interesting; a man who takes polaroids and notes about himself, because he forgets everything the next morning. Give credit to Christopher Nolan for excellent directing, thus pulling off an exceptional movie.

While you're at it, place this note somewhere you won't forget: CHECK OUT EDUCATION CARNIVAL AT EDWONKS!

134 to 1

134 = the number of students who I have a decent relationship with.
1 = the student who has made the end of the year a lot harder to deal with.

Two days ago, I posted about a meeting I was going to have with a student who didn't pass my class.
It has escalated.
Yesterday I met with the group, this student's grades in hand, to explain why the student did not pass. The document contained my class policy, a list of the student's assignments and grades, a student report on behavior, an attendence sheet, the directions for Econ Expo, the rubric for Econ Expo, and finally, the graded Econ Expo. The family felt that the student deserved a passing grade and that I was not grading fairly. After a presentation of the evidence, the grade remained and I gained full support of the administration. You would hope that it was case closed.
Today, as I was cleaning out my garage, the student showed up at my home. The student wanted to know if I had changed my mind, then after I said that I don't talk about grades at home, the student made a warning.
"I heard from so and so that he has a cell phone message about a couple of guys talking about egging your house and your car. I'm just warning you." The couple of guys the student mentioned just happened to be students that I have a very good relationship with. In essence, the student was setting up four other students, and indirectly threatening my property.
I was not happy. I called the principal of my school, who immediately called the student's parents and warned them that a plot was unfolding. Then I called the four students that I thought this student was trying to pin blame and warned the parents that this student was a lot of trouble. Then I called the police, who arrived at my door, took a report, and then went and warned the child that it was not a good idea to show up at teacher's homes and threaten property damage.
It is too bad really. I recieved great student-to-teacher evaluations today, along with a few personal notes from students talking about how much I positively influenced their lives. Then this happens.
Oh well, not a whole lot I can do at this point. Worst case is that my house and car get egged, and I go after this student big time. It's hard, but I just have to remember........
134 to 1.

Monday, June 13, 2005

No, I'm not done yet.

I'm reading all of these posts regarding being done with the makes my teeth grit. Today I sent off my first group of Seniors into the real world. Unfortunately, one did not pass my class. Worse than unfortunately, it is going to get really ugly. So tomorrow I will be meeting with the usual bunch (VP, Consul, Me, Dad, Student) and I will bring my pile of evidence with me to support the grade. I don't give grades, and this is one student that wants it handed to him. The student wrote me a letter earlier, something I paraphrased here. Really, this is the most difficult part of teaching, the end of the Senior Year. Students that fail my class will not be graduating, period. I have made enough safety nets that it normally doesn't happen, but again, I don't give away grades.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

2005 Ukiah High School Economics Exposition

I brought this project from my old high school, adjusted it, and now my classes create business models that culminate in these projects at the end of the year. These are judged by local business owners, bankers, and marketing specialists, then they are graded by me. Here are the requirements:
-Create a Mission Statement
-List the Factors of Production
-Interview someone of a similar business
-Create a hypothetical entrepreneural profile
-Create a floor plan
-Create a demand survey, a demand schedule, a demand curve, and figure out the best possible price for maximum revenue on your best selling products
-Name three changes in supply and three changes in demand that effect your business. Graph an example of each.
-State your business organization type and why you chose it.
-Explain your businesses opinions on globalization, free trade and outsourcing.
-List start-up costs
-List the cost of creating a single unit and how many must be sold to break even.
-Discuss options for financing.
-Create a name, logo, slogan, business cards and a coupon.
-List and explain your competition
-Explain how your company will use the 4P's of Marketing
-Create a Print or Video Ad
-Analyze 5 websites of businesses similar to yours.
-Explain your target market
-Give a list of your employees and give detailed job announcements for 4 positions
-Create an employee manual
-Give current local, state and federal unemployement numbers. Explain the job outlook.
-Explain how government will affect your business. Focus on regulations.
-Explain and graph how minimum wage will effect your business
-Create an extensive works cited page
-Include a table of contents and each section labeled separately
-Create a portfolio of all written items using a professional device.
-Create a display and backdrop that will include various items.
-On the display, place one additional promotional item that will attract customers.

Wrap all this together, and this year is the first year that all of my college prep students (70 in groups of 3 or 4) completed this project.

Here are the results in slideshow form on Flickr.

Sole Freedom was 3rd, Lager and Leprechauns was 2nd, the Grand Prize was The Kute Kake.

I'm Here

I'm just busy.

Econ Expo was Thursday and I've spent the weekend grading those (at about 45 minutes apiece) and replace the gas line out to my dryer.

I'll update tonight if I can.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Have you seen Keyser Soze? Check in the Education Carnival!

I didn't see The Usual Suspects until my wife introduced me to the Kevin Spacey classic. The movie has some amazing plot twists and one of the greatest endings in cinema.
The end is near and I'm busy prepping for Finals and Econ Expo tomorrow. I'll take pictures and post some of my students business models this weekend. I'm also a little pissed at NCLB, since it is preventing me from teaching a class that it has no right preventing me from teaching. More later.

But before you realize that you have been totally conned by the person in front of you, check out the Education Carnival.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The end of Prop 215, and the beginning of the real fight over marijuna begins.

Let me clear up a couple of issues regarding my position on pot, because I've had various people tell me that my values towards the drug are overzealous and unreasonable.
-I don't think pot is any more physically dangerous than smoking. Pot related accidents are few and far between, and you nobody dies from pot overdoses.
-Saying that, marijuana is a psychological nightmare for many people. I've watched many high school and college students' lives become owned by marijuana. The immediate response I get is "well, isn't alcohol just as bad?". Of course it is. Then why would we decide to except another negative into society, another reason for people to withdraw from reality and become lost.
-It makes no sense to create million dollar campaigns to reign in drinking and reduce smoking, and then turn around and make weed legal.

So when it comes down to it, I would vote "no" on legalization right now, and in the forseeable future. We are trying to get kids to make the right choices, and adding another distraction/problem into their lives is not the way to go about it. If those idiots that are advocating for legalization would put more energy into helping kids stay away from it, we might get somewhere.

Looking at it legally, did the Supreme Court make the right choice? Absolutely. Reading the Opinion of the Court, I am surprised that the dissenting opinions actually advocated State's rights in this situation. Sandra Day O'Connor made it sound like the world was coming to an end because of the reach of the Federal Government. When it comes down to it, the medical marijuana system was experiancing horrid abuse (anyone can get a medical card for $100 here) and the only agency that has the power to legalize drugs is the Food and Drug Administration. If you give every State the power to legalize drugs, the FDA becomes pointless.

Anyway, I'll continue to fight the good fight here in Ukiah. The new idea that K.C. Meadows (the editor of the Ukiah fishwrap) has brought up was a community pot garden. Not only that, she recommended that it be placed right across the street from the high school.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

We can rule the Galaxy together!!

You were destined to have a Red Lightsaber.

Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is
associated with energy, war, danger, strength,
power, and determination as well as passion and
desire. You have seen the Strength and Power of
the Dark Side of the Force and have you thirst
for more of it.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Uh oh. Does this mean that I'm only a teacher because I'm creating evil little clones of me that will be hell bent on TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! Muuhhahhahahaahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Grand Moff Trojan for the fun. Nice to see another classic Star Wars nerd in the mix.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Congressman from the 1st District of the State of California, Mike Thompson

Back in November, I had my students write Congressman Mike Thompson regarding issues that they felt strongly about. At the time, we were in the middle of a Mock Congress simulation (the House, no filibusters), so it fit that we wrote our Representative. The students wrote some excellent letters, from the War in Iraq to the legalization of marijuana, to the problems associated with Title IX, and so on. Back in February, Mike Thompson's office called and wanted to visit. It was during vacation so it didn't work. His office called again during the beginning of May to set up a June 1 visit. I prepped the kids with a biography (note to teachers, have them prepare questions in advance, it really makes difference) and on Wednesday, I welcomed the Congressman to my classroom.
Mike Thompson is a Democrat that leans, strongly, to the left. I can't say that I agree with him on many issues, the least of which is his stance on medical marijuana (he's for it). However, Thompson spent two full periods in my college prep Economics classes and answered the kids questions with dignity and grace. He did not play the Nancy Pelosi type character, meaning he didn't try to skirt to many issues and simply bash Bush. Yes, he didn't like the War in Iraq and blamed Bush for the budget problems, but he often made a point to remind students that his party was prone to mistakes and voting in Congress should be about benefiting the nation, not the party. Thompson also talked up the brave soldiers fighting in Iraq and mentioned visits to Walter Reed Hospital. All in all, I was thrilled with his visit. He and I took about 5 minutes alone at break and he asked me about the gang problem at the school. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that he was very knowledgeable about the problems with senior gang members at the prison in Pelican Bay (Crescent City) getting orders out to others with no difficulty.
The Ukiah Daily Journal wrote an article about his visit. In the background, you can get a small glimpse of my classroom. WARNING!!!!!!!!! The article was written by K.C. Meadows. Yes, THIS K.C. MEADOWS. The same one whose editorial I blasted with this letter. The principal's secretary let me know that she wanted to come into the classroom to cover the Congressman. I allowed her in and we were very cordial. What I'm warning you about is that the article makes it sound like Thompson was all doom and gloom. He was far from it. Out of the over 90 minutes he spent with my classes, he might spoke about fiscal policy for a total of 12-15 minutes. The rest of the time was answering kids questions that were not about fiscal policy. Think about it, do you think 18 year olds can take 90 minutes of budget talk? Could you?!!?
So a very successful day is in the books. Thanks to Congressman Thompson for coming to visit the kids, and thanks to the kids for treating the Congressman with respect, but having the guts to ask good questions.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the War Room! Try the Education Carnival instead!

Stanley Kubrick's movies are either really good, or horridly awful. Dr. Strangelove is simply brilliant. It is a movie for the atomic age, giving a whole new meaning to term "satire". The acting is brilliant and black comedy that permiates the movie will make you laugh and squirm. Finally, check out Slim Pickens famous last scene.

But before you let those damn commies check out the "big board", check out the Education Carnival!