Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What a perfect surprise during testing week

Ok, my kids know that I'm a fan of Star Wars. I regularly take hell for it of course, the culprits being either preppy guys that really like it and don't want anyone to know, or girls that haven't watched the movie because it is uncool. So I generally hype Star Wars as one of the greatest movies ever (I roll my eyes at the last two) and proudly show off my beanie baby Yoda that is on my bookshelf in class. Well, on Monday the conversation drifted towards Episode 3, coming out on May 19. One of the students asked me,

"Hey Mr. Brown. Are you one of those fans that will dress up for the movie?"

"Um, no. I'm not a crazy Star Wars nerd and I'm not going to the movie dressed up. Except that if I had a really nice Darth Vader outfit, you know with the whole set up, I might be inclined to wear that."

Darn it if my students didn't call me on it.
Today in 2nd period, two students walked up to me with a large bag. One was also holding a camera, the other a small video phone. In the bag was a Darth Vader Helmet and Voice Changer! The class roared with laughter as my faced changed about 15 different colors of red. Then came the chants of "Put it on! Put it on!". I obliged to a raucous applause, which attracted other people in the building. Overall, it was an interesting moment with your students looking at you in a Darth Vader Helmet.
But hell, they had a lot of fun with it and I really did to. It was totally unexpected, and yet it charged my batteries right back up for the stretch run to the end of the year. After school, one of the other teachers heard the story and stated, "Congratulations! You are now one of the beloved!" I don't know about that, but today was a fun day to be a teacher.
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